Commanded by Ryan Ferran, the Phantom Legion is made up out of former Imperial soldiers and is a part of Hellcat Squadran. Unlike the rest of Hellcat Squadran, the Phantom Legion refuses to hand over any of their weapons to other Squadran departments or forces.


Originally formed as the 312th Brigade under the Galactic Empire, it was commanded by Kayla Johansen on Kuat. After the Rift storm brought both the Empire and the 312th to the Hellcat Universe, It was combined with the 869th Company commanded by Ryan Ferran and renamed the 3rd Kuati Defense Force. It was then stationed near the Kuati capital.

Defection and Hellcat Squadran ServiceEdit

When the order was given to leave, the 3rd Defense Froce had no clue what was going on. They believed it to be a training exercise, but when they were told to scrap the base, they believed it to be a retreat from the planet. When they formed up witht the rest of the fleet over Kamino, they were lost, and had no clue what was going on. When they exited hyperspace in the void, they were told that the Empire had betrayed them and that they were attempting to kill them. Ryan also told them that anyone who wished to go back to the Empire and cotinue their lives to leave. 76 Stormtroopers, who had just been deployed into the 3rd Kuati Defense Force, left on a pair of shuttles. The rest of the Defense Force, numbering around 25,000 and renamed the Phantom Legion, were told that they were now at war with the Empire.

After arriving at Earth in 2013, all Phantom Legion troops were at their stations, ready to fight, when they were ordered to stand down. When they learned that they were joining the Coalition, many felt a hatred lingering in their guts for their former enemies. However, byt he end of the Shadow War in 2015, the hatred had been mostly replaced with trust.

The Legion was the best Coalition fighting force during the Time War. While the average combat loses for factions was 82%, the Legion only lost 55% of combat forces to the invading Cleavers and Iron Warriors. During the Locust/Lambant Crisis, the Legion lost 66% of it's task force that was sent to wipe out the last of the Locust, although the battle was a sucess due to their bravery.

Battle GroupsEdit

By the begining of the Time War, the Legion had grown large enough that it was separated into multiple battlegroups, each protecting important targets. The I.C.S Phoenix, the Legion's flagship, is assigned to battle group Aigaion, but moves around the galaxy to all battle groups when a battle needs it's help.

Battle Group Aigaion: The main battle group of the Legion, Battlegroup Aigaion is made up exclusively of original Phantom Legion units. As such, Aigaion is the best all around battle group in the Legion. Aigaion is one of two battle groups stationed above Earth. It is commanded by Ryan Ferran.

Battle Group Avalanche: Battle Group Avalanche is more unique than the other Groups, as it was designed for one specific purpose, invasion. They were designed to counter attack into enemy territory if they attempted to invade the Coalition. Unfortunatly, the first chance they had to do this, they couldn't due to the fact nobody knew where the Cleavers and iron Warriors had came from. The battle group is commanded by Kayla Johansen.

Battle Group Confederacy: The men of Battle Group Confederacy are known as the 'Great wall of the Coalition' as they help patrol the borders between the Coalition and the Borg. They consist of the heavy hitting ships of the Legion, mainly carriers and battleships, and are spread out along the Coalition's borders. This Group is commanded by the a council of ship captians.

Battle Group Dominion: While Battle Group Aigaion may be the best all around group, Battle Group Dominion, sometimes called 'Devil's Army' group, is made up of only the toughest, strongest, and fastest personel and ships in the Legion. They are feared by friend and foe alike, as they can cut paths through their enemies. They are stationed above Reach and fought at the Battle of Reach in 2025. This group is commanded by Commander Arcturus

Battle Group Strigon: Battle Group Strigon is possibly the most well rounded fleet there is. It is made up of ships from all branches of Project: Ressurection, which include Xindi, Federation, Klingon, Old Republic, and retired Hellcat Squadran ships. It, along with Battle Group Aigaion, are stationed over Earth. This group is commanded by Commander Duran, with Lightning as it's second-in-command.

Types of TroopersEdit

"They may be a mixed batch - clones, recruits, humans, aliens - but they get the job done. And they never leave a vode behind."-Ryan, on his army. The Legion, consisting of Project: Ressurection units and Imperial troops, has many types of soldiers.

Stormtroopers: Since they came from the Empire, Phantom Legion is equipped with regular Imperial troopers. They attenpt to scavenge armor and weapons from battles with the Empire.

Dark Troopers: Also from the Empire, the Phantom Legion has a company of Phase II Dark Troopers and a company of Glory-class Dark Troopers.

Clone Elites, "Spectres": Another Ressurection offspring, Spectres use modified Mk. III armor and are from Ferran's original garrison. They are armed with both Dc-15a's and the smaller Dc-15/s variants.

Clone Shock Troopers: Less in number than bodyguards, the Shock Troopers were meant to strike hard and fast at weak enemy lines, leaving the strong areas for the rest of the troopers. When the rest of the Legion's troopers exceeded expectations, the Shock Troopers were redeployed at Commandos.

Clone Bodyguards: These forces were originally part of the Clone Elites, but were the best at what they do. Therefore, at the urging of some of the officers, they were outfitted with new armor and weapons and assigned to officers as personal bodyguards. They wear Mk. IV armor and use experimental Dc-20x rifles.

Armored UnitsEdit

"These things would be awe-inspiring, if they weren't so terrifying."- Ryan Ferran to IceBite, on the topic of countering the Empire's walkers.

XAT-TE: Nearly the same as the Clone Wars version of the AT-TE, the XAT-TE is slightly modified, in the way that instead of having a Gauss cannon on on the main turret, it is armed with a 6.5 inch MAC gun. It also has 10 inch armor plating, an increase to the previous 5 inches.

AT-AT: The same version that the Empire uses, the only differance being the unique color scheme on it to let others know it's friendly.

AT-OT: The AT-OT is a troop transport form the Clone Wars. Seeing an easy way to kill troops in the walker, a strong glass sheet was put over the troop area, providing protection. To offer more protection, they added a Ray Shield generator, burning whatever touches it. With the shield installed, the amount of troops it can carry went from 34 to 26. It is armed with 4 Heavy Blaster Cannons.

S-PHA: A heavy artillery cannon, the S-PHA is an extremely big, very deadly walker. It can fire sustained beams of plasma at targets the size of a person, to the size of a capital ship.

UT-AT: A medium artillery unit, the UT-AT can be used in areas where walkers wouldn't be able to go. It's 2 light Gauss Cannons, which were mounted on the sides of the vehicle, were replaced with medium cannons, and the heavy gauss cannon on the top has been replaced with a 8.5 inch MAC gun.

AT-AHT: The strongest walker in either the Coalition or the Alliance until the invention of the AT-WW, the AT-AHT is a monster of a vehicle. At 50 meters high, they are twice as big as an AT-AT. Stronger and faster than the AT-AT, the AT-AHT is also extremely expensive to produce and to maintain, but by the beginning of the Time War, the Legion held a fleet of around 100 of these vehicles.

AT-WW: The All Terrain War Walker is a six legged, 100 meter tall giant. It is equipped with a Quad-barrelled turbolaser battery and a laser cannon in the front and back, and has many smaller weapons on the rest of the frame. Inside, it can carry up to 18 cruise missles, nuclear or ballistic. By the start of the Time War, the Legion was equipped with only 4.

Merkava Mark IV Battle Tank: The Legion, despite all the vehicles at it's disposal, lacked a Main Battle Tank until 2016, when they adopted the Isreali Merkava Mk. IV. When the Merkava entered service, some doubted that it would live up to the other walkers. It did, and it became a strong and important vehicle in the Legion.

HA-AW: Introduced mere months after the start of the Time War, the Heavy Artillery Assault Walker is equippedwith 4x 5inch MAC guns, and 3 10 inch MAC guns. Used to bombard cities, a single HA-AW could level New York City in less than an hour. The Legion controls about 100 of them.

RD-BT: The Rapid Deplyoment Battle Tank is definded as the perfection in the race for the battle tank. I has one 115mm MAC cannon, a 6-barrelled anti-missle turret, and 4 independant dual chaingun blaster turrets. It is a large tank at 25 meters and is crewed by 4.

Airspeeders and SpacecraftEdit

"If you have anyone of these pilots as your wingman, they'll die for you in a heartbeat. Have them on your tail, though, and they won't lose any sleep that night."- Kayla, describing the loyalty and lethality of the pilots.

LAAT Gunship: The Legion's infantry transport, the LAAT can hold 30 troopers and four speeder bikes, as well as give fire support with it's missle launchers, laser cannons, and ball turrets. They can also be used as mobile command posts by officers.

HAET-221: The HAET is a fast, well armed patrol craft that can both scout and provide mobile artillery. It holds a 5 inch guass cannon and an anti-infantry laser cannon to provide support when needed.

UASV: The Unmanned Aerial Support Vehicle is an unmanned gunship that provides superb support to ground forces. It is armed with a gatling gun and All Direction Multi-Prupose Missles.

Lancet Aerial Artillery: The Lancet is a slow flying, very destructive flying laser. It is used to destroy enemy bases and slow moving vehicles.

Tie Interceptor: Instead of having any Tie Fighters in the fleet, they were replaced by Tie Interceptors. They are painted red and black instead of grey and black.

Tie/D Defender: The replacement for the fleet's Tie Bombers, the Tie Defenders are flown by only the most skilled Imperial pilots.

Tie Phantom: The most advanced fighter in the fleet, there are only 20 combined Phantoms in the fleet.

ARC-170 Fighter-Bomber: The main fighter for Phantom Legion, the ARC-170 is a multi-role craft that can destroy even the most advanced fighters in space, and can then destory the best tank on the ground. A true Superiority Fighter.

V-19 Torrent: One of the fastest fighters in their inventory, the Torrent rivals that of the Tie Interceptor in speed, firepower, and maneuverability.

Rihkxyrk Assault Fighter: The Rihkxyrk fighter is slow and not maneuverable, but makes up for this with heavy armor and lots of guns. Although not many are used, the few that are are used to great effect.

X-02G Space Wyvern: When the Wyvern was replaced by Hellcat Squadran, the Legion adopted it as a new fighter. By the middle of the Time War, there were large numbers in service with the Legion.

Artanis Heavy Fighter: The Artanis was put into to service 6 months after the Time war, replacing the ARC-170 and V-19 as the Legion's go to fighter. It is armed with 2 missles launchers, a proton torpedo launcher, and 3 heavy laser cannons.


"Our closest allies shake at the sight of a single battlegroup. Imagine how our enemies shall feel when the might of the entire fleet coming at them!"-Commander Arcturus to Ryan Ferran, at the sight of Battle Group Aigaion orbiting Earth.

The Phantom Legion began with only a handfull of Imperial Star Destroyers at it's beginning, but eventually grew to be an armada of destruction with the inclusion of ships from Project: Ressurection. Before the Time War broke out, the Project came to include old Federation, Xindi, and Klingon ships.

Executor-class Super Star Destroyer: The I.C.S. Phoenix, a super star destroyer, is the Phantom Legion's flagship and most powerful ship. At 19 kilometers long, it is also the 2nd largest ship in the whole Coalition, beaten only by the Covenant Sepratist Super carrier.

Imperial II-class Star Destroyer: The Imperial class is the 2nd strongest class of ship used by the Legion, but also make up only a fraction of it, with only 5 ships. These ships are usually seen flanking the I.C.S. Phoenix, as there are few replacement parts for them.

Venator-class Star Destroyer: The Venators originally took up the a third of the fleet, but when Project: Ressurection was remade, they were outnumbered by other ships. The Venators now form the backbone on the fleet, with new ships being constructed.

Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser: Originally taking up a third of the fleet with the Venators, the Dreadnaughts are extremly powerful ships, but lack the ability to hold fighters and bombers.

Acclamator-class Assault Ship: Carrying the majority of the Legion's forces, the Acclamator has 2 subcatagories in use. The 3 Mk.Is holds mainly ground forces, and does not see direct combat except for targeting ground bunkers. The 2 Mk.IIs hold many troops, but engage more in space combat than actually landing forces.

Constellation-class: When put into the fleet, the Constellation-class became a Heavy Cruiser that took up a large part of the armada. It is heavily armed and armored with strong shields and decent speed.

Armstrong type: The Armstrong's place in the fleet is that of a destroyer, similar to that of a frigate in naval warfare. It is outfitted with many Proton Torpedo Launchers and Concusion Missle Launchers.

Xindi-Primate Starship: A large ship, the Xp, as soldiers have come to call it, has been turned into a carrier/battleship combo, being well armed and armored, and carrying large amounts of snub fighters. It is a popular choice for flagship's of individual battle groups.

Xindi-Reptilian Warship: Redesigned as a fast, hard-hitting frigate, the Reptilian type warship is very fast, keeping pace with slower fighters, has decent armor and heavy weapons. They are used to swarm enemy ships and get out before their medium armor breaks.

Xindi-Aquatic Cruiser: Another preferred flagship for abttle groups, the Aquatic Cruiser is much like the Primate starship in function, as it carries a good amount of fighters, and has strong armor and guns.

Rigelian Scout Ship: With the Rigelians showing up in the fleet, the Legion no longer sends fighters to scout, as the Rigelian is extremely fast, manueverable, and has enough firepower to hold it's own.

Sarajevo type: The Sarajevo is another ship redesigned as a destroyer, although it is deployed as an escort to carriers and other ships that cannot hold their own in ship-to-ship comabt.

Suliban Stealth Cruiser: The Suliban is one of the few ships armed with a stealth field generator, making it invisible to most other ships. It has strong guns, but lacks in armor due to the fact the stealth field generator takes up a lot of room. It also has light shields, but still doesn't survive in a long firefight.

D5-class: Originally a Klingon design, it was retired, then reentered service with the Legion. Used as a battlecruiser, it is slow and carries no fighters or bombers, but has heavy armor, shields, and enough weapons to take on an Imperial Star Destroyer.

Raptor-class: Another Klingon design, the Raptor class is unusual, as it is used as both a scout and battlecruiser. Said by some to be a perfect balance of strong weapons and shields, good armor and speed, and the ability to take out many enemies, the Raptor-class is a large part of the Legion's fleet by the begining of the Time War.

K't'inga-class: A cloak enabled battlecruiser of Klingon design, the K't'inga is a large, heavily armored piece of equipment. It has strong guns, shields, and armor, and has the ability to become invisable to the naked eye. It only has 2 let-downs, but they are indeed major. First, it is slowed down by the fact there was no room for strong engines and hyperspace engines, so it is forced to move like a snail in combat. The other flaw is the part of the ship combining the main hull and the command bridge. It is very narrow, and a few well placed shots, or even a ramming ship, could take the ship out of action.

Soyuz-class: The Soyuz class is fast, has good shields and armor, and horrible firepower. The Soyuz can strike fast at the enemy over and over again, but it doesn't do much damage. It is the perfect ship to annoy the enemy, but it isn't the type of ship that you would want to be guarding your transport.

Miranda-class: Retired from Federation service after many years, the Miranda-class has begun a new life with the Legion as a Cruiser, as it has been equipped with good weapons, speed, shields, and armor. It, along with the Raptor-class, is considered to be a near perfect starship.

Intrepid Type: Although not widely used by the Legion, the few Intrepid ships left are used as mine layers and salvagers, picking up escape pods, laying mines, and holding supplies. It is rarely used as a combat ship, as it's armor and weapons are weak. It does, however, ahve strong shields and very fast engines.

NX-class: Put into the project by urging of IceBite, the NX-class was a good decision, as the new ships are both fast and strong. It may not be the ship to take the most damage, go the fastest, or give the most punch, but it is definatly the type of ship that you would be happy with behind you.

Andorian Battle Cruiser: A late addition to Project: Ressurection, the Andorian Battle Cruiser was only beginning to be refitted at the start of the Time War, and were not deployed until 2020. When they were first entered into service, they took severe causualties as they were rushed into the field. By 2022, the rushed ships were all destroyed, and new 2nd generation Andorians were being produced. They than became an important part to the Coalition's war efforts, as the 2nd gen ships were extremely effective against the Iron Warriors and their navy.

Curse-class Light Battlecruiser: The first of a new line of starships designed by the Legion after the end of the Time War, the Curse class is stronger than some of the Ressurection ships, and can take on an Imperial Star Destroyer and beat it 9 times out of 10. It is armed with Photon Torpedo Launchers, Pulse Laser cannons, Turbo Laser Batteries, and Beam Laser Cannons.

Charger Max-class Dreadnaught: The second ship class to be introduced after the Time War, the Charger Max class Dreadnaught is an amazingly strong ship, able to take on 2 Star Destroyers at once and win. It is armed to the teeth with turbolasers, Ion batteries, torpedoes, and missles. The ships are also equipped with 20 fighters and bombers for attacks.

Prometheus-class Battleship: The Prometheus was designed during the Time War, but wasn't built until 3 months afterwards. When it was put into service, it replaced the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer as the Legion's heavy hitting ship. It is armed with turbolasers, ion cannons, Proton and Photon Torpedoes, and tractor beams. It also carriers 100 fighters and bombers

Directorate-class Battleship: Made alongside the Prometheus class, the Directorate replaced the aging Dreadnaught-class line of ships. It carries more weapons and fighters than the Prometheus class, but is less well armored.


"Why do we have a lot of weapons? Well, your weapon is your life, and you shouldn't go into battle if something feels less than perfect."-Ryan, saying why the Legion uses so many types of guns.

The Legion, even before joining the Coalition, had many types of weapons at it's disposal. After they joined, though, they adopted even more types to increase their soldiers effectivness.

E-11: The gun used by Stormtroopers, the E-11 is accurate and deadly. After battles, Ryan had his men pick up E-11's from fights with the Empire.

Nightstinger: The sniper rifle for the Stormtroopers, the Nightstinger is a rare sight for the ememy, as it kills them before they even know they are there.

Dc-15a: The main combat rifle of the Mk.III Troopers, the Dc-15a is heavy, big, accurate, and packs a punch. It can be used as an assault rifle, machine gun, or a sniper.

Dc-15s: A smaller version of the Dc-15a, the Dc-15s is a quarter of the length. It packs less of a punch and is less accurate, but is better suited for close quarter combat than it's larger brother. It is used by the Clone Spectres and some Mk.III units.

Dc-20x: Stronger and more accurate than Dc-15s, and more compact than the Dc-15a, the Dc-15x is the pinnacle of weapon design for the Legion. Originally designed to be the next combat rifle for the Empire, it is now used exclusively by the Clone Bodyguards.

Galil: Put into service with the Legion shortly after they joined Hellcat Squadran, the Galil is an Israeli gun that has grown up into the preferred projectile weapon of the Legion. Itis used mostly by the Shock Troopers.

Micro-Galil: A smaller version of the Galil, the Micro is another projectile C.Q.C. weapon that the clones have come to love. It, like it's older brother, is used by the Clone Shock Troopers.

ACR: A very accurate and decently compact rifle, the Legion has found it as a great anti-sniper weapon, and is used by the Spectres and Shock Troopers on many occasions.

Ultimax 100: The Ultimax is the most used projectile weapon used by the Legion. Used by regular troopers, Spectres, Shock Troopers, and Bodyguards, the Ultimax is a infantry support weapon, helping lay down immpressive amounts of fire in short amounts of time.

Steyr AUG A3/AUG HBAR: The Steyr AUG A3, along with the Ultimax 100, is used by all branches of the Legion, and is the weapon of choice for their boarding parties. The AUG HBAR is another light support weapon, just like the Ultimax.

M-200 Intervention: A sniper used by the Shock Troopers and Spectres, the Intervention is powerful, accurate, and has the range to really "reach out and touch somebody."

PSG-90: Used by the Spectres and the Mk.III troopers, the PSG-90 is another strong and accurate sniper, although it isn't as good as the M-200.

Important MembersEdit

Ryan Ferran: The leader of the Legion, Ryan has been the most important person in the Legion since it's creation.

Kayla Johansen: The Legion's 2nd in Command, Kayla has also been in the Legion since it's beginning. She is in command of the Imperial sector of the Legion's forces.

Aleksander Stukov: Leader of Ryan's personal guard, Stukov usually leads in battles with Ryan.

Commander Arcturus: The highest ranking clone in the Phantom Legion, Arcturus is in command of the forces created during Project: Ressurection. His name Arcturus was given to him by Ryan Ferran.

Commander Duran: Another high ranking clone, Duran is bested in rank by only Commander Arcturus, General Ferran, and General Johansen. He is in command of the Clone Spectres. His name was given to him by Ryan.

Claire "Lightning" Farron: The first non-Imperial to join the Phantom Legion, she was given joint control of the Legion after Ryan's death in 2025.

Serah Farron: One of the few non-Imperial members of the Legion, Serah is often tasked with Snow and Lightning on missions.

Snow Villers: Joining with Serah, Snow is usually grouped in with Lightning and Serah, as Ryan sees him as "the extra man".

Orion: When Orion joined the Phantom Legion, Orion was held back for the first month he was there so that he could begin to understand what the Legion was like. After a while, he became the commander of the Legion's Shock Troopers.

Vex: Often described as an alien version of Ryan, as he keeps to himself, but knows when he should speak his mind. He eventually became a Spectre, working directely under Commander Duran.

Seraph-XS: Thought of as one of the most polite people in the Legion, Seraph helps trains Shock Troopers and Spectres in tasks such as infiltrating. In combat, she assists the Mk.III Troopers.

Krel: Officially, Krel isn't even amember of the Legion. Unofficially, he is a valuble asset that helps in many situations. When Sereph, Revenant, and Vex joined the Legion, he followed them over. He then began to stay around the Legion's base, and became an unofficial member of the Legion.

Revenant: If Seraph is considered the most polite and kind-hearted individual person in the Legion, than Revenant is considered the coldest. In battle, he usually works alone, as most others find it hard to keep up with his pace.